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Led by You. Megaphone

The course materials, syllabus, resources, and topics will be generated in response to what you want, need, and are passionate about learning.

Part reading.

Lessons, articles, book chapters, essays, and an occasional news clipping

Part listening.

Podcast episodes, audio snippets, and lecture recordings

Part watching.

Explainers, interviews, live-streams, and detailed walkthroughs

Part teaching.

Contribute readings, listenings, & watchings (by suggesting content or creating it)

Keyboard Powered by Conversation.

You’ll be able to discuss all of the course content and anything else SJMD-related with other learners (and the facilitators, who are also here to learn!). Real talk, with real people who share your want to live in a socially just world, and are actively seeking the path toward it.

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Online Course. IRL impact.

This isn’t a course for online social justice activism. It’s an online course for advancing social justice. In your community. In real life. With real people.

Offered as A Gift.

Money won’t be a barrier. Like everything else sK does, this course operates in the gift economy, meaning you choose how much (if anything) you pay to participate, based on want, ability, or gratitude.

Come one, come all. A Big Tent.

Money won’t be a barrier. Like everything else sK does, this course operates in the gift economy, meaning you choose how much (if anything) you pay to participate, based on want, ability, or gratitude.

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Need more details?
Here's the nitty-gritty:

The course itself is 6 weeks.

Each week will have a different theme, and complementary readings, audio, video, and fieldwork. You’re discouraged from speeding through it, but invited to spend more than a week per module.

All you need is a decent internet connection.

Whatever device you’re reading this on will work (but a desktop or laptop computer is recommended!). If you’re able to watch a YouTube video (bandwidth, data limits, etc.), you should be good to go.

Humans only, but we’ll protect your identity.

To prevent robots, trolls, and other ne’er-do-wells, you’ll need to sign up with your real name (i.e., whatever name you’re known by IRL). But for safety, we’ll only display usernames (not your full name) in the community.

You choose your level of participation.

If you wanted to, you could easily spend several hours a day reading, listening, watching, and discussing the course materials. On the other hand, you could also have a meaningful experience with only a few hours per week.

You’re welcome in the community forever after.

As long as we can keep the lights on, we’ll keep the doors open to the community. We won’t revoke your access after you complete the course, but instead encourage you to continue showing up.

It starts as soon as you sign up.

New community members are welcomed on a rolling basis. There is no official “start” or “end” date, and no manufactured scarcity. When you’re excited to start learning and participating, you can start.


Not nitty and/or gritty enough?

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This course + community is not for everyone...

Not even all social justice people. Not even most social justice people.

The culture of social justice has produced a lot of power, awareness, and positive change. And it has also produced a lot of harmful norms, trends, truths, and belief systems.

In the social justice movement, we are given a very narrow path for how we’re told to treat others, argue (or not), substantiate our claims (or not), and evaluate (or write off) other people and their beliefs. Color outside the lines at your own peril.

We’re here to color outside the lines. To highlight the helpful and scribble out the harmful. To draw a new path forward.

A lot of people can’t risk that. Or don’t see a problem with any of what’s happening now. Or don’t actually care about the goal of social justice, and just want to be seen as a good person who cares about the things they’re told to care about.

And that’s all okay! We get it. Absolutely. Most of us have been there. At each of those stages.

There are plenty of spaces to learn about social justice that aren’t confronting the dogma. We’re just not that.

Questioning social justice dogma is the same as supporting white supremacy.
There are only two groups of people: privileged and oppressed.
I’ve been doing social justice for a long time, so I probably know more than most, and am uninterested in learning from people with less experience.
Social justice is a waste of time.
I’m new to social justice, so I don’t have anything to contribute.
As a _____-identified person, I can assure you that you’re wrong about that. I don't care if you’ve been told otherwise by other people who share my identity.
If people are mad at you, you're doing something right.

…but if you’re willing to challenge your personal comfort, prioritize bravery over ideological safety, be humble with your learning & generous with your teaching, and push dogma, performance, & posturing to the side in favor of outcomes, action, & authenticity, this is the space you’ve been looking for. We’re thrilled to meet you.

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Questions & Answers.

This whole project is brand new, so it’d be a stretch to call anything “frequent.” But here’s what we’re guessing you’re wondering.

How much does this cost?

You choose. Sincerely. Based on how much you want to pay for this (what it’s worth to you), balanced by how much you can afford. Please don’t pay so much it will make other parts of your life difficult. And also please contribute something that feels meaningful. Both will lead to you being able to show up in a healthy way, and allow us to keep this thing alive and thriving. This is what we mean by gift economy.

Is there a certificate?

If you complete the course, you’ll be given a certificate that says you completed the course. That’s it. You’re not certified as a “Social Justice, Minus Dogma” expert, and there’s no ongoing certification upkeep, verification, or fees.

What if I don’t finish? Or something comes up?

You’ll be able to access the course for as long as we can keep the lights on. There’s no time limit (maximum) on the course materials, or completion. So if life happens, tend to life, then we’ll be here when you’re ready to dive back in.

How does the course happen?

After you enroll, you’ll be given a link to There, you’ll find the list of the lessons, and will be able to start your Week 1 module immediately by clicking on it. Every seven days, you'll be granted access to the next module automatically, but you're welcome to spend more time than a week completing it.

How does the community happen?

After you enroll, you’ll be given a link to, where you will already have an account (the same one you’ll use to access the course). Discussions are broken into themes, and you can immediately start reading past conversations and acquainting yourself with the community. As you progress through the course, you'll be granted access to more features within the community.

Can I help out?

Yes! The most helpful first thing you can do is take the course, and take it seriously. That will give you necessary insight to help us improve that experience for the cohort that follows you. After that, you’ll be asked lots of times for help, and be familiar with different channels you can use to direct your energy.

What do I do if I’m unhappy with my experience?

Hey — Sam here. Let me first say that I am putting everything I can into making this course a meaningful and positive experience. So if something goes wrong, you see something harmful in the community, or if the course isn’t what you wanted / expected / hoped it would be, please reach out to me directly at any point. I’ll fix what I can fix, heal what I can heal, and refund anyone their gift if that’s what they want. My promise. <3 sK

Your question

This is whole thing is an active work-in-progress. Think there needs to be an answer here that isn’t? Let us know. Ask the question.

No more questions?

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