I cannot pay. Can I still participate?

Yes. Absolutely. We do not want money, or not having a credit card, to be a barrier preventing anyone from joining the Community.

In fact, we would have had a $0 option directly on the sign up page if our Membership software supported it.

If you want to participate without paying, the only thing we need you to do is prove to us that you’re you.

While the members of the Community will remain anonymous to one another, we need to verify that only real humans are signing up, and that a person can only enroll once – we do this as a safety measure for everyone else.

So, here’s what we ask you to do to verify who you are:

Give us a day or two to check the links, then we’ll enroll you or follow up!

Note: If you can’t do any of these steps, just explain to us why in the email, and provide an alternative way to prove you’re you. We’re flexible!